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Self-Storage Units: The Unconventional Asset for Businesses

Self-Storage Units: The Unconventional Asset for Businesses It’s exciting to start a small business, but thinking about the challenges that lie ahead makes business owners worry. One of the toughest tasks is managing the records, inventory and equipment, especially for retail enterprises. That is why investing in self-storage units may do wonders for any business. Investing in self-storage units is a move that many business owners tend to overlook. What makes this a valuable asset is that it gives you additional off-site space for the records, inventory and equipment you will accumulate over time. It serves as an extension of [...]

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Long-Term Vehicle Storage: The Right Way to Prepare

Long-Term Vehicle Storage: The Right Way to Prepare It is not uncommon for individuals to stop driving a vehicle for an extended period of time. Licence suspensions, temporary relocation, having another car, or even the changing of the seasons are all valid reasons for long-term vehicle storage including options for caravan storage. Whatever your reasons are, hopefully, you will have prepared the vehicle for the extended hibernation before the day comes. Whilst we strive to provide you quality car storage solutions, a few easy preparations on your part can do a lot to ensure your car is safe and ready [...]

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How Cool, How Hot: Items Sensitive to Climate

How Cool, How Hot: Items Sensitive to Climate Whether you are in the middle of a move or trying to make room for a renovation, a new family member, or a big event, a self-storage unit can come really handy. You simply rent a storage unit and move all your stuff so you can carry on with the move or have additional space. Simple enough as it may seem, the process is actually quite difficult. Think of it this way: you need to organise everything, pack all of it neatly and secure your valuable items. First-time users of these storage [...]

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Auto Theft on the Rise in Australia

Auto Theft on the Rise in Australia Some studies show that vehicles are the most stolen items apart from gadgets and other valuables. Figures may just go up as thieves catch up with advances in automotive security. Auto theft – a growing concern A 2014 study by the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council revealed that there was an average of 145 thefts per day, with one in every 163 households experiencing auto thefts on the national level. Furthermore, the Council revealed that cars stolen from outside homes drastically increased over the past three years, accounting for almost half of [...]

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Can’t Sleep? Clutter Might Be the Cause

Can't Sleep? Clutter Might Be the Cause Most people only have to lie down and close their eyes to sleep. However, that is not the case for most regular hoarders. That is what researchers concluded in a recent study about the relationship between sleep and too much clutter. More clutter means less sleep A research from St. Lawrence University revealed that those who build up clutter would have more trouble sleeping than those who do not. People who most likely have hoarding disorders not only take longer to fall asleep, but also may occasionally experience sleep disruptions and daytime tiredness. [...]

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