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Make Your Home an Enjoyable — and Safe — Haven for Your Children

Make Your Home an Enjoyable — and Safe — Haven for Your Children Every parent wants the best for their children, and that includes providing a house they can call their own. Unfortunately, not every family has a three-bedroom home in the suburbs. Young families usually reside in studio apartments that may be big enough for three people, but is actually small for a growing family. However, this situation can be an opportunity to improve your space and assist your child’s development. Your studio apartment can be a child-friendly home that provides enough area for you and your kid. Here [...]

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Preserving Family Pictures and Documents Properly

Preserving Family Pictures and Documents Properly Family photographs, old letters, journals and important family documents help us recall our past and preserve memories with our loved ones. These, however, are prone to decay and destruction if not cared for properly. Your family memento needs more careful handling than simply placing it in the basement or attic, as factors like temperature and sunlight can destroy them. Read on to learn the proper ways to store your family pictures and documents. Regulate Temperature and Humidity An uninsulated attic or basement is the worst place to store photos and documents. With the constant [...]

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Self-Storage for Businesses: Securing the Business Essentials

Securing The Business Essentials Any business, whether it’s an office or a retailer, needs a place to safely store their business essentials. You need to make sure that important documents and files, as well as all products are stored safely, and putting them in a safety deposit box or in a warehouse isn’t often the best way to go about securing them. You’ve probably heard of self-storage units, but you may not know that they are the superior option when it comes to safely and effectively storing your items, even more so than a warehouse or a personal safe. Extra [...]

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