Auto Theft on the Rise in Australia

Some studies show that vehicles are the most stolen items apart from gadgets and other valuables. Figures may just go up as thieves catch up with advances in automotive security.

Auto theft – a growing concern

A 2014 study by the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council revealed that there was an average of 145 thefts per day, with one in every 163 households experiencing auto thefts on the national level. Furthermore, the Council revealed that cars stolen from outside homes drastically increased over the past three years, accounting for almost half of all thefts.

Along with it is the increasing cases of profit motivated theft in Australia. Profit-oriented thieves would separate the parts and hide them through multiple transactions, making it hard to recover stolen cars. The same organisation found that in 2011, profit motivation accounted for 29% or 16,842 of all cases of motor vehicle theft.

As to the vehicle theft methods, the Council revealed that assaults are not the usual thing. With 70% of cars having immobilisers, thieves nowadays enter homes to steal keys. Some thieves even use signal amplifiers, allowing them to open keyless cars even if proximity keys are far away.

Dealing with Car Theft

Since thieves nowadays have sophisticated schemes, the government strongly emphasises the need for preventive security measures. They encourage people to take better care of their cars and keys. They suggest keeping cars in open, well-lit areas to deter thieves.

In addition, they recommend the use of cameras, brake locks, alarms and other security tools. Installing tracking devices on cars will help owners and authorities recover cars quickly. Keeping GPS and valuables inside the home may help lessen the opportunity for vehicle theft as well.

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