Helpful Ideas to Quickly Pack Your Home

Moving home is a stressful experience, there really is no other way to describe it. While stress in some form or fashion tends to accompany even the most successful residential relocation, there’s no reason why moving home should ever be an unenjoyable experience. Moving to a new home is all about new opportunities and prospects, so focus on the positives and leave the negatives behind with these helpful ideas to quickly pack your home. The Essentials Bag Whether it’s a bag, a box, or even a clothes basket, put all your essentials and the things you need for your first [...]

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7 Craziest Things Found in Storage Units

Storage units are used by companies and individuals across the globe, mostly for everyday items such as furniture, motor vehicles, corporate documents, and suchlike. However, every now and again, strange discoveries are made at self storage facilities in Perth and other cities around the world: items that you would never expect people to leave in such a place. Weird, Wonderful, and Crazy Discoveries Below is a list of the weird and wonderful things found in self storage units, along with some that are frankly bizarre. $25 Million of Drugs – 20 kg of methamphetamine and 49 kg of heroin were [...]

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Make More Money from Your Garage Sale with Self Storage

A garage sale is all about decluttering. In one fell swoop, you can empty your house of everything that you don’t need or want anymore – and even earn a little spending money in the process! But making the most of this situation requires some advanced planning and organisation. And as you’ll learn in this post, having access to a self storage unit can simplify the process. Decluttering Before a Garage Sale Preparing for a garage sale is a lot of work. In fact, a sale like this is as much about the decluttering process as it is about the [...]

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It’s Mine: The State of Psychological Ownership

It’s Mine: The State of Psychological Ownership There are two types of ownership. There’s legal ownership, wherein a person has a claim to an asset or property, physical or intellectual, that is recognizable by law. There’s also psychological ownership, a state or feeling of possession, which may or may not be directly derived from legal ownership of an object. People can develop a sense of ownership to any tangible thing, such as a toy, a product, a desk, a specific area in a house, and any intangible thing such as an idea or a certain inclination. This blog will discuss [...]

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Making Self-storage Safe for Your Valuables

Making Self-storage Safe for Your Valuables If you’re a homeowner who doesn’t have enough room for all your essentials, you may be thinking of enlisting a self-storage service. It is convenient and affordable, and all the extra space frees your home up from the clutter. So, why not go for it? While the facility has a lot of advantages, it does come with some pitfalls. A number of self-storers experience theft and damages to their belongings, as a result. How can you use it, and at the same time, make sure your possessions are safe? Lock Up You will need [...]

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Five Things to Do Before Storing Your Vehicle

Five Things to Do Before Storing Your Vehicle There are many reasons car owners store their vehicles for a long time – some may be leaving for a vacation while others just want to keep it safe from inclement weather. Whatever the reason is, it is important to put your car in a storage that will prevent battery and engine damage. If you are planning to leave your vehicle for a long while, here are some car storage guidelines that will maintain its quality and performance. Clean the Interior and Exterior Areas Your vehicle still deserves cleaning, even if you [...]

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Reduce Clutter and Have a Stress-Free Move

Reduce Clutter and Have a Stress-Free Move Moving to a new house is hectic; you have to think about which things to bring and which ones to leave and get rid of. Some pieces of furniture have sentimental value and will only take up space. To help you store items while you prepare for the move, having a storage unit is an option for you. Make Your Move Stress-Free You have to think about several things before you finally make a move. You have to look for storage units and movers to help you transfer items, and say goodbye to [...]

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Learn to Let Go: Say Goodbye to Sentiments and their Clutter

Learn to Let Go: Say Goodbye to Sentiments and their Clutter When you are attempting to keep things neat and tidy, dealing with sentimental clutter proves to be one of the greatest challenges. Sentimental clutter takes up more space than they should, but you experience guilt when you consider getting rid of them. You try to throw them away, but you feel like a heartless monster. Emotional decluttering is never easy; there are some things you just want to keep. This, however, can be unhealthy for you and your home. It does not seem like it, but breaking free from [...]

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Make Your Home an Enjoyable — and Safe — Haven for Your Children

Make Your Home an Enjoyable — and Safe — Haven for Your Children Every parent wants the best for their children, and that includes providing a house they can call their own. Unfortunately, not every family has a three-bedroom home in the suburbs. Young families usually reside in studio apartments that may be big enough for three people, but is actually small for a growing family. However, this situation can be an opportunity to improve your space and assist your child’s development. Your studio apartment can be a child-friendly home that provides enough area for you and your kid. Here [...]

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Preserving Family Pictures and Documents Properly

Preserving Family Pictures and Documents Properly Family photographs, old letters, journals and important family documents help us recall our past and preserve memories with our loved ones. These, however, are prone to decay and destruction if not cared for properly. Your family memento needs more careful handling than simply placing it in the basement or attic, as factors like temperature and sunlight can destroy them. Read on to learn the proper ways to store your family pictures and documents. Regulate Temperature and Humidity An uninsulated attic or basement is the worst place to store photos and documents. With the constant [...]

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