Equipment Self Storage in Perth

Do you want to reclaim the space and organisation in your shed, garage or home? If you do not have a dedicated area to store your equipment – whatever it may be, then finding your goods when you need them is not an easy exercise. You also run the risk of damaging your items and hurting yourself (as a result of equipment falling on you or someone else). There is an easy solution however, with our affordable range of storage units.

Storage size options

Our two storage facilities in Spearwood and Kwinana have room to store small volumes of equipment with units measuring from 1.5 x 1.5 metres to as large as 3 x 8.8 metres and many other storage options in between. Deciding on how much room you require can be tricky. To ensure you are not spending money on space you do not need, our team can help you choose a storage unit that is right for your needs.

What can you store?

You can virtually store anything in our storage units aside from firearms and ammunition, flammable items, perishable food, Illegal goods, plants and animals.  To give you an idea:

  • Sporting equipment – whether you are a professional athlete or just have a passion for sport, you can store the gear you do not regularly use in your own self storage unit. Keeping items such as surfboards, bikes and kayaks at home require a lot of space due to their irregular shape, so it makes sense to keep them in a place where they cannot be damaged or get in the way.
  • Hospitality equipment – if you own a restaurant or catering business then having sufficient storage for everything is half the battle. In your own storage unit you can have all of your excess equipment such as kitchenware, serving ware, glassware and furniture ready on standby for when you need it.
  • Musical equipment – not all musicians have their own studio or dedicated space to store all of their instruments, amplifiers, speakers, lighting and sound equipment, and recording gear, which is why a storage unit sounds like the perfect solution.

Why choose Perth Metro Storage?

  • Cost effectiveWe guarantee to match any written quote by 20%. Our flexible pay by the month fees means you can always change your mind should you ever need less room or want to expand your storage space.
  • 24/7 security. We take security seriously with the latest monitoring technology and onsite management at our facilities to ensure your equipment is kept secure.
  • Easy access. You can access your storage unit between 7 AM to 8 PM, with drive up keypad access straight to your unit, making it easy to load and offload your equipment every time.


Want to get an unbeatable storage deal on your equipment? Call Perth Metro Storage today on (08) 9418 4205.

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