Five Things to Do Before Storing Your Vehicle

There are many reasons car owners store their vehicles for a long time – some may be leaving for a vacation while others just want to keep it safe from inclement weather. Whatever the reason is, it is important to put your car in a storage that will prevent battery and engine damage.

If you are planning to leave your vehicle for a long while, here are some car storage guidelines that will maintain its quality and performance.

Clean the Interior and Exterior Areas

Your vehicle still deserves cleaning, even if you are leaving it for a few months. Start on its interior by vacuuming the carpets and getting rid of any unnecessary objects. Then, wash and wax the exterior from top to bottom and make sure to remove any bird droppings and water stains. Doing this will help maintain your car’s paint colour and shine.

Keep a Full Tank

Fill the tank with petrol if you are leaving your vehicle for 30 days or more. This will prevent moisture from building inside the fuel tank and keep the seals from drying out. Also, make sure that the petrol is fresh, so it can last for more than a year. If you think you will be storing your vehicle for more than two years, purchase a fuel stabilizer that will protect the engine from varnish and rust.

Do Not Use the Parking Brake

Storing your vehicle is not the same as parking it in a garage. Before storage, disengage the parking brake and use a tire stopper instead. This way, you can prevent the brake pads from making contact with the rotors, which can damage your breaks. For manual transmissions, just leave the gear in neutral.

Remember the Battery

If you are leaving the vehicle unattended for more than two weeks, it is advisable to remove the battery from the car. This way, you can prevent it from producing corrosive battery acids, which can damage your vehicle. If you are afraid of losing your stereo and time settings, you can just connect your battery to a trickle charger that will help maintain its life.

Maintain Insurance

Do not cancel your vehicle’s insurance before putting it in storage. Doing this will cost you more, since there is a chance that the insurance company will increase your rates due to the gap in coverage. However, this varies on every provider so make sure to check your options first.

No matter how long you are storing your vehicle, it is important to keep it maintained to ensure its performance and longevity. Whether you own a caravan, an SUV or a sedan, make sure to leave it in a trusted storage company.

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