Furniture Storage Units in Perth WA

Are you planning to move? Downsizing and no longer have room for all of your furniture? Are you redecorating and need to clear the space in your home, or perhaps you’re upgrading your furniture and cannot bear to part with your existing interiors? Whatever your reason, we have the furniture storage units and solutions for you across Perth.

Selling your house and need a furniture storage unit in Perth?

If you are in the process of selling your house, have you considered placing some of your furniture in a storage unit? We have all heard of the term “less is more”. Storing furniture while your property is on the market is a great way to remove any clutter, essentially making each room look more presentable to buyers. With some of your furniture in a storage unit and with less clutter and more room available, it also helps potential buyers to be able to easily imagine themselves living in your home as they move through each room, making the sale even more appealing.

Storage Units Perth

Furniture Storage units to suit your budget

Whether you want to store one piece of furniture or all of the furniture in your home, we can provide you with as much space as you require. At Perth Metro Storage, pay for the storage you actually need, nothing more. We also accommodate both long term and short term storage, with flexible monthly pricing.

Why should you keep your furniture stored at Perth Metro Storage?

  1. 24-hour security. Our storage units utilise the latest monitoring technology with around the clock security and on-site management to ensure your possessions always remain safe.
  2. Variety of storage options. We can help you determine how much storage space you require to meet your storage needs.
  3. Convenient access. We provide keyless entry and in most cases you can drive up right to the front of your storage unit.

Tips for packing and storing furniture in a storage unit

Did you know that household and office furniture are among the most common items placed in storage units? To avoid damage and help prolong the life of your furniture, we encourage you to consider the following when preparing it for storage:

  • Cover your furniture and cushion areas to prevent dents or scratches (bubble wrap or old blankets/ towels work well).
  • Place furniture on top of wooden pallets or plastic sheeting to prevent moisture from coming up from the ground.
  • Disassemble furniture where possible.
  • Protect any mirrors or furniture made of glass from breakage by applying a ‘X’ on the surface with masking tape.
  • Store chairs, sofas or dressers the right side up to prevent damage. Any tables that are stored fully assembled should be placed top down, preferably resting on something that provides cushioning, such as a mattress.

Store your furniture with Perth Metro Storage today

When it comes to providing affordable furniture storage units, we cater for clients located across Perth and the surrounding areas, including the southwestern suburbs of FremantleRockingham, and everything in between. So, no matter how much furniture you require to be stored and wherever you live or work, we have the perfect furniture storage units and solutions for you. Call us today on (08) 9418 4205 for the answer to your furniture storage and moving needs.

Take a look at our storage deals today. We guarantee to beat any competitive quote by 20%.

For more information on how we can tailor a package to suit your furniture storage requirements, get in touch with our friendly team today!

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