Learn to Let Go: Say Goodbye to Sentiments and their Clutter

When you are attempting to keep things neat and tidy, dealing with sentimental clutter proves to be one of the greatest challenges. Sentimental clutter takes up more space than they should, but you experience guilt when you consider getting rid of them.

You try to throw them away, but you feel like a heartless monster.

Emotional decluttering is never easy; there are some things you just want to keep. This, however, can be unhealthy for you and your home. It does not seem like it, but breaking free from your clutter bondage is one of life’s greatest rewards. You just have to start somewhere.

Remember: Memories are Forever

When some attempt to get rid of sentimental clutter, they feel as if they are throwing away parts of themselves. You recall the memories that come with these items, which makes de-cluttering more difficult.

As you start organising, remember that your belongings do not define you. Even if you say goodbye to some of your belongings, you are still you. The memories attached to those items will never go away—you still have it in your head. You do not need these objects to keep them.

Do Not Do it All At Once

All that organising, combined with emotional sentiments, can be exhausting. While you want to get rid of everything, these things take time. Do everything one step at a time.

For example, plan where you want to place your items. Will you use storage units in Fremantle or will you just box them up and leave them in the attic? After finalising your plans, give yourself some time to breathe before you sort everything.

Give your Things a New Home

Want to make the most out of your sentimental clutter? Make parting easier by giving some of your items to friends and family. You can also put them to good use by donating your belongings to charities in need.

If you wish to see your items again, you can place them in self-storage facilities. Here at Perth Metro Storage, our range of units can serve as your belongings’ new home. You can keep them there while we keep them safe.

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