Making Self-storage Safe for Your Valuables

If you’re a homeowner who doesn’t have enough room for all your essentials, you may be thinking of enlisting a self-storage service. It is convenient and affordable, and all the extra space frees your home up from the clutter. So, why not go for it?

While the facility has a lot of advantages, it does come with some pitfalls. A number of self-storers experience theft and damages to their belongings, as a result. How can you use it, and at the same time, make sure your possessions are safe?

Lock Up

You will need more than a U-shape bicycle lock to secure your valuables. An elderly couple in the United States say the storage facility owner did not inform them about the type of locks they need, and they end up losing most of their things. Talk to the facility owner to know what they provide. Adding extra deadbolts won’t hurt.

Make Regular Visits

This is important, especially for long-term storage. It also lets you monitor your belongings to make sure they are still there. You can also inspect the facility for problems such as cracks and mold growth. Should you find any of these, report them to the owner.

Go for 24/7 Security

You may install surveillance equipment in the rental space, but it’s more practical and economical to choose a facility that offers 24/7 security. Not only will your belongings be safe, but you will also have peace of mind.

Perth Metro Storage’s facilities are protected by 24-hour security. We want our customers to have the assurance that their possessions are safe in our hands. Whether it’s a car, a boat or even your business essentials, our services will cover your storage needs. Self-storage is safe and convenient with Perth Metro Storage.

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