Preserving Family Pictures and Documents Properly

Family photographs, old letters, journals and important family documents help us recall our past and preserve memories with our loved ones. These, however, are prone to decay and destruction if not cared for properly.

Your family memento needs more careful handling than simply placing it in the basement or attic, as factors like temperature and sunlight can destroy them. Read on to learn the proper ways to store your family pictures and documents.

Regulate Temperature and Humidity

An uninsulated attic or basement is the worst place to store photos and documents. With the constant change of temperature, photographs can get brittle and crack over time. Water leaks can also cause photographs to stick together.

Because cooler temperature slows the rate of chemical decay, we recommend storing your family mementos in a cool, dry place to make them last.

Pack in the Right Container

Use big containers for important documents, such as birth certificates, to make sure they lay flat or upright. Do not overstuff the box. Avoid folding or bending them as well. Large, flexible sheets, however, should be rolled to a sturdy tube.

Lignin free, acid free or un-buffered paper is best for storing photographs, as these counteract the formation of acid.

When holding photos together, avoid rubber bands, as this contains sulphur — a chemical that can destroy photographs.

Place in Secured Storage Facility

Photographs or documents are best stored in a controlled, well-maintained area. Keeping them in storage facilities, such as Perth Metro Storage, can definitely help in making them last.

Make sure, however, to keep a record of everything you leave in a unit, especially units with larger storage space.

At Perth Metro Storage, units come in a wide range of self-storage and styles, making it very easy for us to meet every client’s specific storage needs. Whether you need to store documents, household goods, or furniture, we have the space for it.

We provide more than just space for storage — we provide peace of mind. Contact us to know more about how our storage service can help you.