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Perth Metro Storage is a leading provider of storage solutions in Perth with two conveniently positioned locations at Bibra Lake and Naval Base. Operating since 1984, we provide commercial and private clients with a number of self storage options, including spacious storage units in numerous sizes to meet our Perth clients’ specific needs.

Tailored Self-Storage Solutions Across Perth

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach with the storage solutions that we provide for clients at Perth Metro Storage. We ensure our clients are completely satisfied with our services by discussing their needs with them to help them choose the perfect storage unit for their storage requirements. 

Customer satisfaction is very important to us and we pride ourselves on enabling all clients to enjoy complete peace of mind when they store their personal possessions or business items with us at our two secure self storage Perth facilities. If you’re unsure if self storage is the right choice for you, below are some of the reasons why you may need a self storage solution from Perth Metro Storage: 

  • Moving home? No problem! We have the perfect storage space for your personal belongings
  • Travelling overseas and not sure when you’ll be back? Self storage provides peace of mind 
  • Downsizing at home? Our self storage units are perfect for replacing your old spare room 
  • Run out of space at work? We can tailor the perfect self storage solution for your needs 

Whatever your business or personal storage requirements, the storage specialists at Perth Metro Storage look forward to tailoring a convenient and secure self storage solution that empowers you to store your personal possessions, household furniture, business equipment, cars or caravans securely, helping you to keep your home or workplace free of clutter. And with two conveniently located Perth storage facilities that enable you to access your possessions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you’re never far from a storage solution delivered by Perth’s leading storage services provider. 

Storage Solutions for Everyone

As virtually anything you can possibly think of can be securely stored at our two locations in Bibra Lake/Spearwood and Naval Base/Kwinana, there’s a self storage solution for everyone when they contact the storage specialists at Perth Metro Storage. That means whatever you need to securely store and for however long, we can help. Here are some of the things that our clients store with us: 

  • Household items, including furniture, clothes, white goods and personal belongings
  • Electronic and digital appliances, including televisions, DVD players, DVDs and CDs
  • Business items, including office and business equipment, files and documents
  • Vehicles, including cars, caravans, boats, canoes and recreational equipment

Naturally, illegal and dangerous items, like firearms, chemicals and flammable liquids, aren’t suitable for our self storage facilities in Perth, but just about anything else you could possibly need to store is! If you’re unsure about what you can or can’t store in a storage unit, please don’t hesitate to contact Perth Metro Storage – we’re always happy to answer any questions you may have about the self storage solutions we provide. 

Storage Solutions to Suit Your Storage Needs

We offer self storage space to suit everyone’s needs, so whether you’re decluttering your Perth home, downsizing your office space or need a secure place to store seasonal items during the off-season, we have the perfect space for your requirements. For a better understanding, here’s a quick guide to our self storage unit sizes across Perth.

  • One-bedroom unit – Our 1.5 x 3 metre and 1.5 x4.5 metre storage spaces are perfect
  • Two-bedroom home – We offer 3 x 3 metre storage units at our Bibra Lake facilities
  • Three-bedroom home – Our 3x 4, 3 x 4.5 and 3 x 4.7 metre units are a top choice
  • Four or five-bedroom home – Our largest units are 3 x 6 and 3 x 8.8 metres

Additionally, we also offer open storage that’s perfect for cars, caravans and boats, as well as small 1.5 x 1.5 metre storage units that accommodate about 80 archive boxes. Give us a call if you’d like to learn more about the various storage solutions that we can provide you with, or if you need assistance to decide which of our self storage units is the right size for you.

Our 5 x 5 is the size of a closet. It is perfect for storing twin-size mattresses, clothing, books, bicycles, a piece of furniture, boxes, seasonal items and other extra items. Our 5 x 10 and 5 x 15 units, on the other hand, are the size of a large closet and can fit more items or larger objects.

Our 10 x 10 is the size of a small bedroom, and it can fit pieces of furniture from two bedrooms, as well as appliances, mattresses, boxes and more. Our 10 x 15 and 10 x 17 units are about the size of an average bedroom and can fit items like major appliances and king size mattresses. Our 10 x 20 unit is the size of a small single car garage which can fit items from four bedrooms. If the storage space of a 10 x 20 unit is not enough for all your belongings, you can enjoy our biggest storage size: the 10 x 30 unit.

Our Storage Unit Sizes Across Perth

The amount of space you may need is dependent on the items you wish to store. Most people find it difficult to estimate how much storage space they’ll need. Fortunately, at Perth Metro Storage, we can help you find cheap storage units in Perth that best suit your needs. 

To find out more about our storage units in Perth, call and speak to a member of our helpful team today. We can talk you through the various options and self storage prices that are available at our facilities in Perth and advise you on the best size unit for your stored needs. 

The following is a list of our most common unit sizes with descriptions to assist you in planning your storage solution. Unit sizes are approximate and for comparison purposes only. 

Units available at our Bibra Lake facilities

At 5 Park Place, Bibra Lake, WA 6163
Phone: +61 8 9418 4205

Metres  Description Feet Square Metres Cubic Metres
Storage units Perth 1.5 x 1.5 You could store the likes of 80 or so archive boxes in this space. Perfect if your office needs to archive documents. 5 x 5 2.25 6
small 1 bedroom unit 1.5 x 3 This size will hold the contents of an average one bedroom unit 5 x 10 4.5 13
large 1 bedroom unit 1.5 x 4.5 Store the contents of a larger 1 bedroom unit in this storage space. 5 x 15 6.75 20
2 bedroom unit 3 x 3 Store the contents of your average 2 bedroom home or a large unit in this storage space. 10 x 10 9 27
3 bedroom unit 3 x 4.5 You’ll be able to store the contents of the average 3 bedroom unit in this storage space. 10 x 15 13.5 40
3 bedroom house 3 x 4.7 Store the contents of the average 3 bedroom home in this storage space. 10 x 17 15 49
4 bedroom house 3 x 6 Store the content of the average 4 bedroom home in this storage space. Alternatively you could store a car or boat. 10 x 20 18 54
5 bedroom house 3 x 8.8 Store the content of a 5 bedroom home in this storage space. 10 x 30 26.5 76
cars boats caravan Open Store your cars, boats and caravans here. Cars, Boats and Caravans

Units available at our Naval Base facilities

At 37 Dooley Street, Naval Base, WA 6165
Phone: +61 8 9437 2522

Metres Description Feet Square Metres Cubic Metres
3 bedroom unit 4 x 3 You’ll be able to store the contents of the average 3 bedroom unit in this storage space. 10 x 13 12 34
4 bedroom house 6 x 3 Store the content of the average 4 bedroom home in this storage space. Alternatively you could store a car or boat. 10 x 20 18 52

Storage Units in Perth – Prices & Costs

The price and costs of renting a storage unit at either one of our Perth locations, varies depending on the size of the storage unit you wish to hire. At Perth Metro Storage, we will proudly beat any quote you’re given on storage solutions throughout Perth, ensuring we’re providing one of the most affordable storage options across the state. For a more accurate idea of how much it costs to hire a storage unit in Perth, WA, contact us today for a free quote by calling (08) 9418 4205.

Insurance for Your Storage Unit – Available Upon Request

Our self storage units and facilities at Bibra Lake/Spearwood and Naval Base/Kwinana are highly secure and monitored around the clock to provide our clients with peace of mind, but as everything that’s worth storing is worth insuring, Perth Metro Storage is able to provide clients with insurance upon request should they desire further assurances of the security and safety of their possessions.

Perth Metro Storage Has Your Storage and Moving Needs Covered

With over 34 years’ experience in the storage business, two conveniently located and secure storage facilities in Perth and a customer service-orientated team that welcomes the opportunity to tailor a self storage solution to your precise requirements, it’s safe to say that Perth Metro Storage has your storage and moving needs covered. 

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When it comes to providing affordable storage units, we cater for clients across Perth and the surrounding areas, including Fremantle and Rockingham, so whatever you need to store and wherever you live or work, we have the perfect self storage solution for you. Call us today on (08) 9418 4205 for the answer to your storage and moving needs.

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