Household Self Storage Perth

Are you sick of not being able to comfortably walk around your overflowing garage or shed? Do you find yourself constantly cramming things in or trying to find an empty nook or cranny? Have you purchased a one way ticket outside of Perth, and you are not sure when you are coming back? If you need to find somewhere to stash your belongings, then Perth Metro Storage can help.

What can you store?

Our storage units are perfect for storing household goods including:

  • Seasonal items such as Christmas decorations and lighting
  • Appliances and electronic equipment
  • Kitchenware such as glassware and crockery
  • Homewares and decor such as rugs, bedding and lighting
  • Artwork, antiques, collectors’ items and memorabilia
  • Books, media and photo albums
  • Toys and childhood memories
  • Clothing and shoes

Why you should relocate your unused belongings to Perth Metro Storage: 

  • Free up your space. Get back to basics by keeping the things you use on a daily basis and storing the rest, so you have more room to move.
  • Storage options to suit your budget. Choose from a number of different storage units that matches the capacity you require, at a cost you can afford.
  • Secure monitoring. We will keep your valuable possessions safe with 24/7 security and onsite management.


Tips for packing and storing your items

  • Label and group boxes accordingly to allow for easy retrieval when required.
  • Fill any empty pockets in your boxes with bubble wrap to prevent breakage and to keep the boxes sturdy.
  • Pack your electronic equipment separately and if possible in its original packaging. The last thing you want is mixed up cables and parts!
  • Thoroughly clean your appliances/ kitchenware to avoid build-up or rust from developing.
  • Wrap artwork in storage tissue or with blankets/ sheet to ensure they are kept well padded, and place in boxes if possible.
  • Use acid-free boxes for photographs to prevent them from deteriorating. The same applies to newspapers or magazines, and you should also place tissue paper in between them.
  • If you are storing clothes, make sure they are clean and dry. For long term storage, avoid using vacuum packs as they can damage your clothes over time. Instead, opt for air tight containers as they will prevent moisture from entering and developing mould or mildew on your clothes.

We are happy to beat any other quote by 20%. Get in touch today to start decluttering your home with our secure self storage facilities.

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