Don’t Settle for Less than 5-Star Storage in Perth

It’s easy to assume that if you’ve seen one self-storage facility, you’ve seen them all. After all, what is there to self-storage beyond an arrangement of lockable units arrayed across an accessible but secure area? Well, as our customers can attest, there’s a great deal more worth taking into account.

Here at Perth Metro Storage, we believe we offer the best storage solutions in Perth. Don’t believe us? Then have a read of these five reasons to choose us for your self-storage needs:

Highly Affordable

If you’re looking for some cheap storage units in Perth, then we’ve got you covered. We want you to have the best experience possible, and not worry about your budget. As such, we promise to beat any quote by 20%. Our pricing is straightforward; we don’t include any hidden fees or other things to catch you out. All we do is provide customers with a highly affordable service; that will fit any budget. If you’re looking to save money, then give us a call today.

You Can Store Almost Anything In Our Units

Another great reason to choose us for storage in Perth is that we offer a flexible service. Unlike a lot of other storage units in Perth, we give you the freedom to store just about anything. You can keep carsboats, furniture, documents, and so much more in our units. This flexibility makes things way more convenient for you too. No longer will you have to search around for separate storage units to keep your personal belongings. Everything can be stored with us!

With well over three decades of experience providing storage in Perth, it’s probably safe to say that we’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to succeed in our industry. And we’ve found that the best storage facilities in Rockingham or Fremantle are actually built upon a complex underpinning of variables and features. In other words – and as with most industries and sectors – the pros have a knack for making it look simpler than it really is.

Boat Image Storage

Safe & Secure Storage

A lot of people worry about the security of their self-storage units. The last thing you want is for all your personal items to get stolen. At Perth Metro Storage, we take things seriously. The safety and security of our customer’s belongings are a top priority. We have on-site management constantly keeping watch of all our storage units. Plus, we’re proud to boast that we use modern technology to beef up our security too. You can have peace of mind when you store things with us.

Unbelievable Customer Service

We strive to put our customers first and cater to their every need. When looking for storage in Perth, you won’t find a more customer-friendly company than Perth Metro Storage. Everything we do is designed to benefit you. From our cheap prices, right through to our security measures. Plus, our storage sites make things more convenient for you too. We have sites in both Bibra Lake and Naval Base. The storage site in each location is designed to grant you easy access. You can drive up to your container in a car, meaning you don’t have to walk around lifting heavy items. Customers will benefit a lot from our service.

Loading to Storage Unit

Dual Locations

It was mentioned in the above point and, yes, we have two locations. Again, this sets us apart from the rest and means you benefit when you choose us. You can store your things in either location, depending on which is closer and more convenient to you. So, if you’re in Perth and looking for storage space, you’ll never have to travel too far. Just pick a location that’s suitable for you.

You won’t find another storage company that will provide all of these amazing things for you. If you’re after cheap, safe, and convenient storage, then you should choose us today!

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