Decluttering Your Home Means Decluttering Your Life

The idea of living in a simple and organised home will always sound attractive to many people. The thought of clutter makes people stressed out and disorganised no matter where they are or what they are doing.

According to studies, a clean and systematic home makes people positive and more progressive. Decluttering your home also means decluttering your life, since it helps you eliminate all the junk in your mind and personal space.

If you think that you need to declutter now, here are five techniques that will help you along the way.

Make Time for Cleaning Everyday

Cleaning does not exactly mean sweeping every corner and polishing all your furniture at home. This could also mean picking up small items, and putting them back in their proper places. Give yourself at least five minutes of cleaning every day. This way, you can slowly eliminate the things you do not need, and dispose of the clutter you usually ignore.

Write Down a List

When decluttering your home, it is important that you have a thorough list of the items that you would like to put away, and the areas that you would like to maintain. Create a list of the easiest places to clean, and the objects that you don’t use on a regular basis. Slowly work on this until you achieve the goal you have in mind.

Try the 12-12-12 Challenge

The 12-12-12 Challenge focuses on 12 items that you need to throw away, 12 items that you want to donate, and 12 items that you need to return to their proper places.  This challenge is a great way to eliminate 36 objects that are causing disorder in your home. It is also an exciting challenge that you can share with your family and friends.

Simplify Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is the area where you sleep and relax, which is why it is important that you keep this clutter-free. Simplify your bedroom by clearing off anything on the floor, and organising flat surfaces like countertops, shelves, and dressers. After this, move onto furniture. Consider the fixtures that you don’t really need, and make money out of them by organising a garage sale.

Consider a Separate Space for Rarely Used Items

No matter how many items you throw or give away, there will always be objects like books, photographs and significant furniture that you just can’t dispose of. Most of the time, it’s because of their sentimental value and potential use in the future. If you reach this point, consider renting a storage unit where you can keep your valuable items. We have a selection of self-storage units in Rockingham that can address your need.

Decluttering can reduce daily stresses, and keep you and your family healthy. Minimalism isn’t a bad option, especially when you don’t have the space you need. Don’t feel sad about throwing unused objects and unnecessary furniture because this will help you get a move on with life.