As a business owner, there will come a time when your inventory or pieces of equipment no longer fit in your commercial space. As your business grows, so does your storage space needs.

For many, addressing this concern is simply a matter of purchasing space in a warehouse. But is this really the safer choice to make? Self-storage space is fast becoming a popular alternative due to increased safety and security.

Private Storage Space Vs. Warehouses

Although mostly used for storing antiques and decorations, self-storage units are applicable to the commercial setting. One of the biggest advantages of these storage spaces is they aren’t as easily accessible as warehouses. The space you rent in a warehouse is often shared, and this means other tenants can potentially rob you blind if they see an opportunity.

A self-storage unit, as the name implies, is a dedicated space just for you. No one has access to your equipment except yourself as you’ll be the one supplying the lock for your storage space.

Warehouses also lack climate control, which limits their usefulness if what you’ll be storing are perishable goods. If you’re storing inventory that has a set lifespan, self-storage units are the safer and more secure option.

Size Availability and Insurance

Another reason to consider a self-storage unit instead of a warehouse is you have many sizing options. When you rent a warehouse, it’s just one set size and that means the price is fixed. Even if you’re only storing a couple of items, you’ll still be paying the same price as a person storing more.

The sizes of self-storage units range from 1.5×1.5 spaces to 6×3 storage units. The flexibility of pricing and size is what makes these personal spaces the more popular choice for growing businesses. The cost of storage units in Perth is also significantly lower than the cost of renting a warehouse. There are also more flexible leasing options. Additionally, many storage companies, including us, provide insurance upon request.

At Perth Metro Storage, peace of mind and customer satisfaction is our top priority. We’re the name to trust when it comes to safe and secure self-storage units in Western Australia.