Why you should consider using self-storage

We usually associate self-storage companies as the people we turn to when we are moving house but in actual fact, they may have far more uses. For example, here in Perth we experience changes in the weather throughout the year – meaning that we require different clothes for different seasons. Most of us have far more clothes than what we need, so why not consider putting a few in storage? Also, many of us have bulkier items that we may not use throughout the year, surfboards or gardening equipment are prime examples. These can take up a great deal of [...]

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Why use a self-storage company?

People move house for a variety of reasons but sadly sometimes we aren’t able to move all our belongings to our new property. That doesn’t mean that they need to be sold or left behind – after all, they can have sentimental if not monetary value attached to them - it just means that you need to find somewhere to keep them. This may be for the short-term or it may be for a longer period, this is where self-storage companies come in. So why use a self-storage company? Firstly, your items will be stored in a safe environment, protected [...]

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