A family moving into a new home

Moving home is a stressful experience, there really is no other way to describe it. While stress in some form or fashion tends to accompany even the most successful residential relocation, there’s no reason why moving home should ever be an unenjoyable experience.

Moving to a new home is all about new opportunities and prospects, so focus on the positives and leave the negatives behind with these helpful ideas to quickly pack your home.

The Essentials Bag

Whether it’s a bag, a box, or even a clothes basket, put all your essentials and the things you need for your first day in your new home in one place. And don’t lose sight of it. Essentials are your wallet/purse, car and house keys, essential medication, a change of clothes, an umbrella if the weather’s wet, and toiletries. You should probably include laptops, tablets and any other essential digital devices you need and don’t want broken.

Get Started Early

Getting started early doesn’t involve setting an alarm, it means starting the packing and sorting days, even weeks, before you move. Everyone underestimates how long it takes to pack, so if you think you need two days, give yourself at least three or four. And on the day of the move, set your alarm early to get everything sorted in a day.

Items that aren’t used often are best packed well in advance so you can pack more frequently used items, especially plates, cutlery and other kitchen items, the day before the big move.

Create a Dedicated Packing Space

Any room or area, like a corner of the living room, can be turned into a dedicated packing space. By creating such a space, you can ensure that:

  • All the packing essentials (markers, boxes, tape, etc.) are kept together
  • You can really get into the momentum of packing which helps to save time
  • It’s easier to organise fragile and other items and put them all in the one place

Most people find that having a packing system in place makes for easier, lighter work.

Clean Your New Place Before the Move

Not everyone has the opportunity to clean their new place before moving day, though if you do, be sure to make the most of the opportunity as it makes moving so much smoother. If you don’t have the opportunity, clean the bathroom and kitchen, especially the latter, as soon as you arrive so you can move kitchen utensils and other items straight into their designated spaces straightaway. Also, make sure you have clean towels and toilet paper ready for the bathroom, as chances are you’ll need to use the toilet and take a shower on moving day.

Additionally, consider hiring a storage space to store any items that you can’t do without but don’t need upon arrival at your new home. Storing, for example, your garden tools and equipment, in a cost-effective storage unit gets all these items into a secure place so that you needn’t worry about them on the day of the move. For a tailored storage solution to make moving home a more enjoyable and hassle-free experience, contact Perth Metro Storage today.