A garage sale is all about decluttering. In one fell swoop, you can empty your house of everything that you don’t need or want anymore – and even earn a little spending money in the process! But making the most of this situation requires some advanced planning and organisation. And as you’ll learn in this post, having access to a self storage unit can simplify the process.

Decluttering Before a Garage Sale

Preparing for a garage sale is a lot of work. In fact, a sale like this is as much about the decluttering process as it is about the final result. By the time you’ve gone through your belongings – discarding items that are broken or worn out, setting aside those things that you wish to keep and offering the rest for a quick sale – you could end up feeling like you’ve taken inventory of all your earthly possessions.

Labeled Merchandise

In that sense, prepping for a garage sale is like taking a trip back through time. In the process of decluttering, you may find yourself reminiscing. A novel with tattered edges reminds you of a holiday you took a few years back. Or a pair of shoes you forgot you even owned conjures up a memory of a particularly great night out.

In that sense, decluttering is an exercise in nostalgia. And it can be great fun. By the time it’s all said and done, you’re likely to come across more than a few items that you’d rather hang on to a bit longer. That’s where self-storage comes into play.

Organise Your Garage Sale Clutter with Self-Storage Solutions

By their very nature, garage sales involve a lot of clutter. Even if you spend days de-cluttering in preparation, you’re still going to have a whirlwind of items being inspected, moved around and purchased on the day of the sale.

That’s why it’s a good idea to sort your belongings into these three groups ahead of time:

Items to discard
Items to sell
Items to keep

Determining what to do with the first two groups is relatively simple. The items you’re planning to discard can be sorted, recycled and thrown away. Meanwhile, the items you’re going to sell can be rounded up in preparation for the big day.

But as for those belongings you decide you’d like to keep, we recommend taking advantage of a local self-storage facility so that you can keep them organised, safe and secure.

Stop Items from Getting Lost in the Shuffle of a Garage Sale

Storing the items you plan on keeping ensures that they won’t get lost in the shuffle on the day of the sale. It’s easier than you think to get confused when the big day comes around. You may have accidentally placed a ‘keep’ box in reach of the sale items. Or perhaps someone helping you with the sale didn’t realise that a particular item wasn’t supposed to go out on the display table.

When you take advantage of affordable storage units in your community, you can effectively remove those items from the sale that you don’t want to lose in the shuffle. Rather than worrying about a customer mistaking one of your keepsakes for a sale item, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that all of your personal valuables are safe and secure in an offsite storage facility.

Other Self-Storage Solutions for Garage Sales

Finally, you may also decide that you’d like to take advantage of a nearby self-storage facility as a follow-up to your garage sale. Perhaps a few big-ticket items didn’t sell, and you’d prefer not to throw them out with the rubbish. Storing them temporarily allows you to hang on to those items without having to give up on your newly decluttered home.

You may also want to take an everything-must-go approach to your garage sale. Remove those items you intend to keep and place them in storage, then invite interested buyers right into the house. Rather than having to carrying old appliances out to the lawn, you can simply leave them in their original positions.

This is a great way clear the house out before a major move or remodelling job. It could even save you some money on removals, since buyers will be carrying items out on the own. That’s even better than free labour, because the people helping to clear out the house are actually paying you for the service!