Marketing Cloud Platform for Self-Storage Operators Launched

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Caption: Self-storage operators will find the DXM Marketing Cloud very useful.

Image Credit: Scott Meyers, CC BY 2.0 (file image)

Provider of digital experience management (DXM) software and other marketing solutions for self storage, G5, is set to improve the industry with a new platform called DXM Marketing Cloud.

With 8 product and service modules for different areas—customer information, property data, content and search optimisation, services, support, social media, websites and training—the product will help self-storage operators by driving good customer experience across key digital touch points. It’ll also increase leads and eventually leases and net operating income.

According to G5 officials, with the DXM Marketing Cloud, operators are expected to be less dependent on lead aggregators and lower overall costs per lease, which will increase demand and build better brand advocates.

“The world has changed. Your customer is in control,” G5 co-founder and CEO Dan Hobin said. “The disruptive innovations driven by customer access to digital devices—Web, smartphones, apps and more—are making customers more informed and more powerful than ever. It’s imperative for companies to reassess how [their] customer experience is designed and delivered. And prioritizing the role of digital experience is central to this effort.”

G5 chief technology officer Chris Eckert also said, “The [platform] gives our clients the power to own the customer experience from awareness to advocacy.” “Digital has reinvented marketing, and we’re helping our clients meet the needs of today’s digital consumer by changing the way marketing is done in the self-storage industry,” he added.

About the Maker

G5 was founded in 2005 and was recently named one of the fastest growing private companies in the US by “Inc.” magazine. For 4 straight years, it’s named as one of the fastest growing technology companies in North America by Deloitte. Based in Oregon, it’s also one of the state’s fastest growing private companies for the past 4 years.