Are you looking for long term storage in Perth? Perth Metro Storage can offer you a storage solutions that meets your requirements including priceStorage units are used by companies and individuals across the globe, mostly for everyday items such as furniture, motor vehicles, corporate documents, and suchlike. However, every now and again, strange discoveries are made at self storage facilities in Perth and other cities around the world: items that you would never expect people to leave in such a place.

Weird, Wonderful, and Crazy Discoveries

Below is a list of the weird and wonderful things found in self storage units, along with some that are frankly bizarre.

  1. $25 Million of Drugs – 20 kg of methamphetamine and 49 kg of heroin were found in a small storage unit in Sydney, Australia.
  2. A Dead Body – A family in Florida, USA, kept their deceased grandmother in a storage facility for 17 years. The presence of the body was only brought to the attention of the facility owners when they sent a letter to the family to advise them their belongings would have to be auctioned to cover the overdue rent on the unit. The family said that this could not happen because one of the items in storage was their dear old grandmother!
  3. James Bond’s Submersible Lotus Esprit – During the making of The Spy Who Loved Me, 8 Lotus Esprits were used to film the scenes where Bond was driving the car on the road and when it turned into a submarine. 7 of them were accounted for after filming ended but one went missing, only to turn up in a storage unit in Long Island 12 years later.
  4. A Burglar – In the state of Missouri, USA, a man managed to break into a storage unit but unfortunately for him, a security guard noticed the door of the unit was open. The guard shut and locked the door, trapping the burglar inside. Later, when noises were heard coming from the unit, police were called and arrested the man.
  5. 1937 Bugatti Type 57S – Left in a storage garage for over 50 years, this car, valued at US$9 million, was discovered by a man who inherited his uncle’s estate on his death.
  6. A Human Leg – Having lost his leg below the knee following a plane crash, John Wood kept it in a storage unit in North Carolina, USA. After his unit was bought in an auction, the leg was discovered in a meat smoker.
  7. A Live Grenade – After taking over a storage unit in Michigan, USA, a man discovered a live hand grenade, which he reported to the local police. Fortunately, they were able to dispose of it safely before it caused any serious injuries.

Dozens of other strange discoveries have taken place in storage facilities across the globe but a lack of time precludes us from mentioning them all here. Aretha Franklins clothing, Spanish ‘pirate gold’, priceless paintings, and a rocket are just a few of the more remarkable. If you are looking for a secure self storage unit in Perth where your belongings will be completely safe, call Perth Metro Storage today.