The Club Marine Mandurah Boat Show 2014

a line-up of gorgeous boats

Caption: Gorgeous boats will be lined up at the biggest boat show in Western Australia.

The Mandurah Ocean Marina will once again see a huge crowd of boat lovers and families in the 2014 Mandurah Boat Show.

Show director Peter Woods said that even months before the show, they already saw exhibitor interest rising high, where a huge percentage of the exhibition space already sold out. He expected another successful event with many big names returning and new exhibitors joining.

“The 2013 Show was extremely successful – exhibitor feedback from last year was positive and visitor number increased. Predictions for this year will be that we will see further growth in visitor numbers and more direct sales to help the industry,” Mr Woods said.

One of the superstars coming back to the show is Paul Worsteling. Expressing his excitement on this, the show director stated, “Paul Worsteling is one of the most recognisable and popular people in fishing in Australia. He stars in the TV series IFish and is massively popular. Paul is great for the Show. He has amazing and entertaining stories to tell and loves to have a chat with his fans. He will be at the Show all weekend, so make sure you come down and say hello.”

The Event Will Offer More Activities for Families

This year’s show is designed to be more fun for the families. There will be boating demos, fishing demos, on-stage cooking demos, kayak rides and a lot of activities for children. These activities will, according to Mr Woods, encourage families to get into boating and fishing.

“This year the Show will continue the theme of family fun and family recreation activities,” he said. “We will be developing the event this theme to offer more interaction with families and children, with a number of activities and attractions on offer. We will be working closely with agencies such as Department of Transport, Department of Fisheries and Recfishwest to continue the promotion of boating and fishing as healthy family activities.”

According to Mr Woods, one of the most popular activities in the past 2 Mandurah Boat Shows was the Kid’s Casting Competition, which will, of course, be also in the program.

He said, “It’s important to get kids into fishing, and what better way than putting a rod in their hands and letting them have a go! The Kid’s Casting Competition allows kids to try to hit the target and win a prize. We have members from the Fremantle Angling Club run the competition and give out advice to the kids – and the parents. It’s a fun and interactive activity that anyone can have a go at.”

The Club Marine Mandurah Boat Show 2014 will be held from October 10-12 at the Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club.