Why keep your boat in a self-storage facility?

The most obvious place to store a small yacht or dinghy when you are not using it is at the marina from where you usually set sail. However, the most obvious solution is not always the best one so read on to find out why a Perth boat storage facility on dry land could be a much better alternative than a harbour especially designed for the purpose.

  • Cost – berth holder fees at popular marinas in desirable locations can be astronomical and even the most humble of harbours for leisure craft are not cheap. By using a dry land facility during the winter months, you could save a significant sum of money every year.
  • Neighbours – even if there are no local bylaws prohibiting you from doing so, parking a large boat on a trailer in your driveway could be considered rather antisocial by your neighbours. You might think that your yacht is the most beautiful vessel you have ever laid eyes on but your next-door neighbours may just think of it as a monstrous eyesore that ruins the ambience of the street in which you live.
  • Regulations – if you are planning on doing some repair work on your boat during the off-season, it may be better to keep it away from marinas to ensure that you do not contravene any of the marine safety regulations currently in force. A self-storage unit will only be concerned with whether your vessel constitutes a fire hazard and not whether it is seaworthy.

In addition to the above reasons, security at reputable storage facilities is usually much tighter than in small marinas. On-site managers, electronic gates and high definition security CCTV systems are all features that are commonly found in such facilities but rarely found in local yachting clubs and small harbours for leisure craft.