You Never Know What You Might Find

If you have ever driven past a self-storage facility and wondered what could possibly be hidden behind the securely locked doors of the individually numbered units, you probably imagined they were filled with old furniture for which the owners no longer had any room, reams of paperwork from the archives of small companies or perhaps valuable antiques left there for safekeeping. However, as the winners of auctions for abandoned containers in storage units have discovered for themselves over the years, the reality can be far more interesting than anything you could possibly imagine. Classic cars, long forgotten props from multi-million dollar Hollywood movies, previously undiscovered songs from world famous pop stars, live snakes and the bodies of dearly departed relatives have all been found in self-storage units in the past. Among the valuable hauls that lucky people have discovered when examining their auction purchases have been thousands of dollars of rare coins, a rare first edition comic that subsequently sold for more than $2 million and the white Lotus Esprit that featured in the James Bond movie, “The Spy Who Loved Me.” Other less welcome surprises have included a live hand grenade and several albino pythons that were still very much alive.

Take a look by clicking our infographic below:

901 - Storage Units