Finding the Best Storage Solutions in Perth

Whether you’re living in a small apartment in Fremantle or a large seaside home in Rockingham, the problem of clutter and too many possessions will always come up. If you don’t want to throw anything away, you should seek out the top garage storage solutions in Perth. Luckily, finding the best of the best is simple as long as you look out for and compare the following six qualities:

  1. Superior Customer Service. From the moment they pick up the phone, the storage company should display excellent customer service skills. If the firm has friendly employees who deal with your questions directly, you know you are onto a winner. Beware of storage sheds in Perth suburbs like Canning Vale or Wellard which seem disorganised or which cannot give a straight answer to your queries.
  2. Friendly Onsite Manager. The storage firm you choose should also provide a manager who is onsite at all times. This means that even if you arrive at midnight and the electronic gate has broken, you can still access your unit by contacting the site manager. From Banyowla Regional Park to Garden Island, the best container storage in Perth will offer this service.
  3. Clean, Modern Units. The facility should also be spotless when it comes to dirt and grime. Take a look at the office when you first visit and you’ll see how well they take cleanliness and hygiene into account. Some of the top storage companies in areas like Bibra Lake and Henderson display excellent onsite maintenance and can therefore look after their customers’ belongings.
  4. A Pest-free Environment. One of the biggest dangers that a poor choice in storage delivers is that your belongings are damaged by mice, cockroaches, silverfish or some other critter. When inspecting self storage units in Perth, ask about their pest control policies. If they are visited by the exterminator regularly, this is an excellent sign your possessions will be kept safe.
  5. 24-hour Security. Another risk is that your belongings are stolen while you are away. From Naval Base to Spearwood, the top storage facilities will have round-the-clock security onsite. This should include CCTV networks, personal electronic access codes and ample lighting. Visit the facility at night to make sure that everything looks safe enough to secure your things unattended.
  6. Flexible Storage Packages. Lastly, the best options for storage in Perth will have a wide range of solutions to suit your needs. The company you choose should offer various sizes of units, different rates for short and long-term rental, additional insurance coverage and 24-hour access if need be. The top facilities will tailor their packages to suit your specific storage requirements so don’t hesitate to ask what they can do.

From the Canning River to Jandakot Regional Park, there are plenty of reliable, friendly and affordable storage facilities in Perth’s southern regions. All you need to do i