Report on the Drivers of Self Storage in Australia Released



The Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne has released a report on the drivers of the Australian self-storage industry through their “Journal of the National Centre for Sustainability”.

Authored by Guy Arundel, “The Costs of Convenience: Unpacking the Self-Storage Industry” examines the proliferation and corollary effects of consumption of self-storage services in the country. It concludes that the drivers of the industry’s growth are consumers’ inability to dispose of belongings and their excessive buying.

“The relentless consumerism driving the growth in self-storage facilities appears to stem from, and be fuelled by, the belief that more possessions lead to greater well-being and happiness,” Mr Arundel wrote. “And when there is no more room to put everything, the rise of the easily accessible self-storage facility results.”

Author’s View on the Transition of Self Storage

Though there are good drivers of self-storage growth in Australia, there are also issues behind some of them. Looking into consumer behaviours, Mr Arundel, asserts that self-storage facilities can also represent some social issues that are needed to be addressed, such as lack of recycling and reuse of goods.

He added that the rate of consumption in Australia, because of lack of recycling, will be environmentally unsustainable if the root cause isn’t dealt with.

“My findings point towards a seemingly ceaseless increase in demand for these storage services, with the implications including that they will continue to facilitate our propensity to consume, and perhaps inadvertently hoard, with direct and indirect negative environmental and other impacts,” Mr Arundel wrote.

Though the trend has its pros and cons, self-storage still has good implications on the economy as a whole.