Can’t Sleep? Clutter Might Be the Cause

Most people only have to lie down and close their eyes to sleep. However, that is not the case for most regular hoarders. That is what researchers concluded in a recent study about the relationship between sleep and too much clutter.

More clutter means less sleep

A research from St. Lawrence University revealed that those who build up clutter would have more trouble sleeping than those who do not. People who most likely have hoarding disorders not only take longer to fall asleep, but also may occasionally experience sleep disruptions and daytime tiredness.

To prove it, researchers studied people’s hoarding and sleeping habits using the Sleep Habits Survey and the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index. They ranked the results in the Clutter and Hoarding Rating Scale and found that 83 people mostly likely have a hoarding disorder, while 198 have less or none at all. Furthermore, they found that those who tend to accumulate clutter revealed sleeping problems.

Prolonged sleep deprivation may lead to increase in stress, depression and decline in thinking capacity as well. Those who were at risk of hoarding disorder admitted they had more disturbances while they were both asleep and awake.

How does clutter affect sleep?

Researchers noted that hoarders usually have difficulties in making decisions and taking action while poor sleep affects cognitive function. That is why if hoarders snooze in a bed filled with clutter, their stress, mental capacity and depression may worsen as their sleep quality deteriorates.

A clean space is all it takes to sleep well

A clean bedroom is essential towards getting quality sleep. Researchers suggest removing or storing things away from the bedroom. Office or schoolwork should be out of sight to avoid stress and sleep disruption.

Replacing clutter with items that contribute to a serene environment is another way to combat insomnia. The National Sleep Foundation recommends the use of comfortable and supportive mattresses. They also suggest setting the bedroom’s temperature at around 65 degrees.

Hoarders usually find it hard to let go of their possessions, which is why they will also have difficulty removing their clutter and getting sleep. That is why some recommend the use of self-storage facilities. These will keep their assets safe and accessible at the same time. When it comes to storage facilities, we at Perth Metro Storage can help you with that.

We provide storage units that come with 24/7 security and on-site management. With our services, you will have quality sleep and peace of mind, knowing that your treasures are safe with us.

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