How Cool, How Hot: Items Sensitive to Climate

Whether you are in the middle of a move or trying to make room for a renovation, a new family member, or a big event, a self-storage unit can come really handy. You simply rent a storage unit and move all your stuff so you can carry on with the move or have additional space.

Simple enough as it may seem, the process is actually quite difficult. Think of it this way: you need to organise everything, pack all of it neatly and secure your valuable items. First-time users of these storage units should also be wary of items that need climate-controlled storage.

These are the most commonly neglected items that need a higher amount of attention and care:

Leather Furniture

Pricy leather pieces should naturally be regarded with caution. Even if you’re storing leather furniture pieces in an area or storage unit not prone to major swings of hot and cold, remember that it will still need proper care. Leather can chafe and is susceptible to moisture and discolouration if not stored and cared for properly.

Business Documents & Inventory

If you have many important documents to file and store, file them neatly in sturdy and dependable boxes or file cabinets to prevent the element of humidity from fading, discolouring or dissolving your important papers.


As with paper documents, comics, as well as vinyls and other special collections, are susceptible to damage if left in an environment where moisture can creep its way onto the pages. Older comic books, especially, can’t handle moisture, so comic readers beware and store your beloved collections safely.


Lastly, whether it’s a fine Edward Hopper print or something your daughter drew when she was eight years old, you have to keep these art pieces pristine and preserved. The best environment is about 50% humidity and a temperature between 70-75°F.

We understand the importance of these objects to you and want to do our best to keep you happy and your items damage-free. Perth Metro Storage offers tailored solutions to answer all your needs. We provide efficient storage space, great storage deals, as well as valuable storage advice.

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