Long-Term Vehicle Storage: The Right Way to Prepare

It is not uncommon for individuals to stop driving a vehicle for an extended period of time. Licence suspensions, temporary relocation, having another car, or even the changing of the seasons are all valid reasons for long-term vehicle storage including options for caravan storage.

Whatever your reasons are, hopefully, you will have prepared the vehicle for the extended hibernation before the day comes. Whilst we strive to provide you quality car storage solutions, a few easy preparations on your part can do a lot to ensure your car is safe and ready for storing. It can even save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Keeping Things Fluid

One of the best ways to prevent engine problems is to make sure all the fluids are fresh and full before storing it away. A fuel stabilizer, for one, is a good purchase to keep the fluids in order. This prevents gasoline breakdown, which could damage the engine and the fuel line. It also allows you to keep the tank relatively full and free of extra airspace. Any free airspace inside the fuel tank can lead to moisture and rust.

It’s also best to remove the spark plugs and oil up the housing to prevent corrosion. Ford recommends in their owner’s manuals to change the oil and filters as well, as old oil usually has all sorts of byproducts and acids that can damage the engine.

Keep it Clean

It might seem counterintuitive to have the vehicle cleaned before putting it away for months, but it’s one that shouldn’t be skipped. Water stains, bird droppings, and other stains left on the car can damage the paint. Make sure to remove mud, grease, or tar on the wheels and underside. A coat of wax also helps keep the car spotless.

Keep the Insurance Going

Whilst cancelling your auto insurance when storing the vehicle might initially save you money, you could pay more in the long run. There’s a chance the insurance company will raise rates because of the coverage gap. This, though, will vary on your locale and provider, so it’s best to contact your insurance company to determine the options available to you.

The key to succeeding in anything is preparation. Do your part in prepping your vehicle for storage and we’ll do the rest to ensure it is stored properly. Consider Perth Metro Storage and you will never regret your choice of using our storage facilities.