Make Your Home an Enjoyable — and Safe — Haven for Your Children

Every parent wants the best for their children, and that includes providing a house they can call their own. Unfortunately, not every family has a three-bedroom home in the suburbs. Young families usually reside in studio apartments that may be big enough for three people, but is actually small for a growing family.

However, this situation can be an opportunity to improve your space and assist your child’s development. Your studio apartment can be a child-friendly home that provides enough area for you and your kid. Here are four ways how.

Kid-proof Your Space. Cabinets, sharp corners, and electrical outlets are harmful to your child. Check on these and make sure that they are safe for your little one. When kid-proofing your apartment, install magnetic cabinet locks, foams, and outlet covers, which are available at hardware stores. Apart from these, put away cleaning solutions that are made of hazardous chemicals.

Make Room for Entertainment. Even if your apartment is small, you can still make room for your kid’s entertainment. In the corner of your studio, place a basket with educational materials and toys that your child will enjoy even without your guidance. You can also add posters and images on the wall that will interest your child.

Put Your Fragile Things Away. Vases, picture frames, and other fragile decorative items are a no-no in your apartment because other than contributing to his short attention span, these items can also hurt your kid. If these objects have no financial and sentimental value, it is best to throw them away. However, if you like to keep them, put them in a high area or a self-storage facility.

Remove Unnecessary Furniture. Bookshelves, corner tables, and huge sofas are just some of the furniture that you don’t really need in your apartment. Other than eating too much space, these fixtures also collect dust that can be the primary source of allergy. However, these furniture pieces hold value and will still serve their purpose when your family moves to a bigger space. It is advisable to purchase a storage unit when keeping large items like these.

Turn your studio apartment into a home that will contribute to your child’s development, and at the same time allot enough space for you and your partner. If you think that you need more area to keep your valuables during this transition, contact us today.