A man packing a flat screen tv in PerthIt’s essential that the correct materials and techniques are used to pack and store valuable items like computers and electronic equipment. Whether for business or personal use, these items often represent a significant investment, so you want to make sure they’re safely secured when in storage.

Follow the manufacturer’s advice

All computers and items of electronic equipment are best stored in line with the manufacturer’s advice, after all, they know tend to know what’s best for the items they produce. This information can be found in the owner’s manual or on their website and it’s an excellent guide on packing techniques and the ideal storage conditions to ensure its security.

Select the right storage unit

With a variety of storage units to select from, you need to select a storage unit that’s not only the right size, but one that offers the right environment. This is especially the case in hot regions, like Perth. You may need to choose a storage unit that is temperature and moisture controlled, as heat and dampness can quickly damage computers and electronic equipment.

Buy strong, good quality boxes

Thin, flimsy boxes will crumple over time when stacked on top of one another which could cause damage to their contents. Strong, sturdy boxes are a much more astute investment and really help to protect your valuable personal or business equipment in storage. You should also buy bubble wrap to pack fragile items and use cotton sheets (or something similar) to protect equipment from dust.

  • Wrap all fragile items, especially items with screens or monitors, with bubble wrap
  • Use a cotton sheet to wrap items or line the box with to keep the items free of dust
  • Buy good quality tape to ensure the boxes are secure and further protect from dust

Using the correct packing techniques is by far one of the effective means of keeping your computers and electric equipment safe whether storing short or long-term. It also makes moving these items to the storage facility you have selected much less problematic as well.

Back up all hard drives

Just to be on the safe side, it’s always a good idea to back up all hard drives before packing and storing them. Portable storage devices are increasingly affordable and they’re an excellent means of keeping your data safe, as is cloud storage which can prove even more cost-effective depending on how much data you need to store. Using both data storage methods is advisable.

Use coloured stickers for cords, wires, etc.

A trick that office relocation service providers use to help them make sense of all the cords and wires that need to be reconnected at the new location is to apply matching coloured stickers. Put one sticker on the cord or wire and another where it connects to the device. This can save so much time and ensures that you’re able to easily set up your equipment again in the future.

The storage experts at Perth Metro Storage are always happy to provide advice, so get in touch if you need guidance on packing and storing your computers and electronic equipment.