Boat Traffic in Land: Government Will Impound Trailers

One of the rarest sources of traffic congestion, boat trailers parked roadside is a common sight in Australia. Nonetheless, it is not a welcoming tradition and it actually renders road rules and wide driving spaces useless. We do not know why some people use the roads as parking spaces, but we are willing to wager that it is about convenience.

We here at Perth Metro Storage offer our boat storage units as the solution to the increasingly cluttered roads near marinas. For a low rate, people can park their boats in a safe location. With that simple act, you will move your boat further from damage and going to the impound lot. That is because the government will start locking up trailers parked on public roads.

A Rule Even Boat Owners Support

Local Government minister, Paul Toole, is spearheading the new regulation. He said that local councils all over have been receiving complaints about boat trailers occupying driving roads. Many of them have even been there for considerable periods. Jeff Richards, president of the Boat Owners’ Association of New South Wales, supports the idea but wants councils to carry out checks first.

Mr. Richards had reservations in support of boat owners who park their trailers for a few hours before getting it. It is unlikely that the ministry will provide such an exception, so just make sure your trailer is somewhere safe. Boat storage is your best bet, and the less time it spends outside, it will maintain its condition for longer.

351 Days of Opportunity

An average boat owner uses his boat 14 days a year. It is a sparing use for such a big purchase, so why not think about renting it out. You get more income and the boat can pay for itself; maintenance and storage, we mean. Nowadays, it can even be a BnB enterprise.

Our premises have 24/7 security, is convenient and saves you money over keeping your boat at the dock. We have locations in Bibra Lake and Naval Base, so drop by.

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