Securing The Business Essentials

Any business, whether it’s an office or a retailer, needs a place to safely store their business essentials. You need to make sure that important documents and files, as well as all products are stored safely, and putting them in a safety deposit box or in a warehouse isn’t often the best way to go about securing them.

You’ve probably heard of self-storage units, but you may not know that they are the superior option when it comes to safely and effectively storing your items, even more so than a warehouse or a personal safe.

Extra Space Away from the Office

One of the advantages of self-storage units is that you get extra storage space without clogging your office. We all know that paperwork can pile up, and it only takes a few months for your desk space to be drenched with a sea of papers and files. You can’t exactly get rid of it, and there’s only so much that your cabinet or safe can hold on to.

Self-storage units give you the ability to store your most important files without having to worry about getting additional storage spaces and containers as more paperwork pile up. While you might say that warehouses offer the same level of security, they are actually riskier as they don’t have dedicated security features unlike self-storage units.

With a self-storage unit, you get a personal lock and CCTV camera to ensure maximum security for all your important documents. Since you’ll typically be supplying your own lock, you’re the only one who has access to your files and paperwork.

Cost-Effective Storage Space

With a warehouse, you’ll usually have to sign a contract to make use of the storage space itself. While this may not pose that much of a problem for most businesses, the demands of the company can rapidly change at any given time. You may have secured a warehouse to store your goods, but what if demand suddenly drops and you’ve already sold of all your goods? The warehouse is just sitting there not being used, and you’re still bound to the contract.

Self-Storage spaces require no contracts, as the payment for the space itself is usually for a set month, which can be extended further when necessary. It’s flexible, convenient, and costs less than warehouse storage, and you aren’t bound to a contract.

At Perth Metro Storage, we offer cost-effective self-storage units that come in a wide variety of styles and sizes to suit your business needs. Whether you need a safer place to store your office’s paperwork, or simply need an additional area to secure your goods, we guarantee safety and security at competitive prices.