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How Cool, How Hot: Items Sensitive to Climate

How Cool, How Hot: Items Sensitive to Climate Whether you are in the middle of a move or trying to make room for a renovation, a new family member, or a big event, a self-storage unit can come really handy. You simply rent a storage unit and move all your stuff so you can carry on with the move or have additional space. Simple enough as it may seem, the process is actually quite difficult. Think of it this way: you need to organise everything, pack all of it neatly and secure your valuable items. First-time users of these storage [...]

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Auto Theft on the Rise in Australia

Auto Theft on the Rise in Australia Some studies show that vehicles are the most stolen items apart from gadgets and other valuables. Figures may just go up as thieves catch up with advances in automotive security. Auto theft – a growing concern A 2014 study by the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council revealed that there was an average of 145 thefts per day, with one in every 163 households experiencing auto thefts on the national level. Furthermore, the Council revealed that cars stolen from outside homes drastically increased over the past three years, accounting for almost half of [...]

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Can’t Sleep? Clutter Might Be the Cause

Can't Sleep? Clutter Might Be the Cause Most people only have to lie down and close their eyes to sleep. However, that is not the case for most regular hoarders. That is what researchers concluded in a recent study about the relationship between sleep and too much clutter. More clutter means less sleep A research from St. Lawrence University revealed that those who build up clutter would have more trouble sleeping than those who do not. People who most likely have hoarding disorders not only take longer to fall asleep, but also may occasionally experience sleep disruptions and daytime tiredness. [...]

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What Storage Unit Size Do I Need?

If you have never rented a unit at a self-storage facility in Perth before, you may be wondering how to work out what size will be best suited to your needs. While it is difficult to say for sure without knowing exactly what you wish to store, we can give you a rough idea of the capacity of our most popular units. How Much Stuff Will Fit Inside? For those of you who are trying to calculate your storage needs, we have compiled a handy reference below. For each unit size that is listed, we have provided a rough estimate [...]

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Finding the Best Storage Solutions in Perth

Finding the Best Storage Solutions in Perth Whether you’re living in a small apartment in Fremantle or a large seaside home in Rockingham, the problem of clutter and too many possessions will always come up. If you don’t want to throw anything away, you should seek out the top garage storage solutions in Perth. Luckily, finding the best of the best is simple as long as you look out for and compare the following six qualities: Superior Customer Service. From the moment they pick up the phone, the storage company should display excellent customer service skills. If the firm has [...]

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Uncluttering Your Home with Private Storage Solutions

Uncluttering Your Home with Private Storage Solutions Uncluttering Your Home with Private Storage Solutions Over time, you’ll find your belongings build up and up within your Perth household. Even if you consciously try not to buy anything, you may still get gifts from family and friends, freebies from local stores, and essential items that you suddenly require. What can you do if you find that you now have too much clutter as a result? If you don’t want to throw out your unused belongings, Perth storage units come highly recommended whether you live in North Coogee, Aubin Grove or Kwinana [...]

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You Never Know What You Might Find

You Never Know What You Might Find If you have ever driven past a self-storage facility and wondered what could possibly be hidden behind the securely locked doors of the individually numbered units, you probably imagined they were filled with old furniture for which the owners no longer had any room, reams of paperwork from the archives of small companies or perhaps valuable antiques left there for safekeeping. However, as the winners of auctions for abandoned containers in storage units have discovered for themselves over the years, the reality can be far more interesting than anything you could possibly imagine. [...]

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Perth Now Offers an Outdoor Activity Guide for October

Perth Now Offers an Outdoor Activity Guide for October   The hot season is approaching in Australia, and even if it hasn’t started yet, people are already thinking of what to do outdoors—maybe taking their caravans out for camping or their boats for a sailing adventure. With this in mind, Perth Now has provided a list of activities adults and children can enjoy this October. Some of the Best Perth Outdoor Activities to Take Part In Champion Lakes Boating Club Holiday Programme (Champion Lakes Regatta Centre/October 7 and 9) Provided with all the necessary gear, juniors will be given beginner [...]

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The Club Marine Mandurah Boat Show 2014

The Club Marine Mandurah Boat Show 2014 Caption: Gorgeous boats will be lined up at the biggest boat show in Western Australia. The Mandurah Ocean Marina will once again see a huge crowd of boat lovers and families in the 2014 Mandurah Boat Show. Show director Peter Woods said that even months before the show, they already saw exhibitor interest rising high, where a huge percentage of the exhibition space already sold out. He expected another successful event with many big names returning and new exhibitors joining. “The 2013 Show was extremely successful – exhibitor feedback from last year was [...]

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Hiring Out Private Boats in Western Australia Could Cost Owners

Hiring Out Private Boats in Western Australia Could Cost Owners Caption: Think twice before renting out your private boat in Western Australia. Image Credit: Michael_Spencer, CC BY 2.0 Using private boats for commercial purposes might cost owners big time from paying more than $20,000 for a fine by the WA Department of Transport (DoT). A spokeswoman from the department said, “Under the national law for domestic commercial vessels, penalties for using a private vessel commercially can exceed $20,000.” She added, “The Department of Transport urges all boat owners to contact DoT’s Commercial Vessel Safety section before renting their vessels out, [...]

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